Position Sensors

The FlexiPot™ Strip and Ring tactile potentiometers and/or position sensors are used to identify location or position and adjust output. These sensors can measure position between any two surfaces. These ultra-thin, flexible sensors are ideal for consumer electronics, industrial control, and medical device applications. The low power requirements combined with linear output makes these position sensors ideal from both a manufacturing and user perspective. The sensors are customizable and available off-the-shelf in ring and strip formations.

The best user interface, whether in consumer electronics or industrial controls, contains sensors that cause minimal interference, meaning the user may not even know they are there. FlexiPot, by Tekscan, is a flexible membrane potentiometer with an ultra-thin (0.008"), lightweight profile.

FlexiPot™ Position Sensing Applications

Position Sensor on MP3 Player

FlexiPot membrane potentiometers are ideal for integration into:

  • Consumer electronics (user interface in PDA)
  • Electronic Menu Navigation (scroll through options)
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Devices (plunger position)

Benefits of FlexiPot:

  • Low-power
  • Flexible
  • Ultra-thin (0.008")
  • Linear Output, low error (±2%)
  • Customizable
  • High-Temperature Option (up to 400ºF)

Featured Video: How FlexiPot Works

When a contact is applied to the sensitive surface, an electrical contact occurs between the top and bottom layer of the sensor, creating a variable voltage divider. This video demonstrates the linear and rotary potentiometers reacting to user input to provide positional data.

Products & Solutions


Custom Potentiometers

The FlexiPot™ potentiometer can be customized to suit the unique needs of your OEM application. Tekscan also offers sample potentiometers in both ring and strip form (shown above) for testing and prototyping. Interested in a custom sensor?

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FlexiPot Ring

FlexiPot™ Ring

Thickness: 0.008" (0.208 mm)

Outer Sensing Area Diameter: 1.67" (42.44 mm)

Inner Sensing Area Diameter: 1.33" (33.8 mm)

Total Outer Diameter: 1.93" (49 mm)

Total Inner Diameter: 1.07" (27.2 mm)

Connector: 3-pin Male Square Pin*

Substrate: Polyester (ex: Mylar)

Learn more about 2-pin vs 3-pin connections for FlexiPot™

FlexiPot Strip

FlexiPot Strip

Thickness: 0.008" (0.208 mm)

Length of Sensing Area: 2.50" (63.5 mm)

Overall Length: 3.59" (91.3 mm)

Width of Sensing Area: 0.17" (4.3 mm)

Overall Width: 0.46" (11.6 mm)

Connector: 3-pin Male Square Pin*

Substrate: Polyester (ex: Mylar)

Learn more about 2-pin vs 3-pin connections for FlexiPot

Force v. Resistance/Conductance ChartForce v. Resistance/Conductance Chart

Typical Performance

Based on Recommended Circuit

Linearity (Error): <±2%

Repeatability: <±1% of full scale

Spatial Resolution: <2% of full scale

Operating Temperature: Standard: 15°F - 140°F (-9°C - 60°C); High-Temp: 15°F - 400°F (-9°C - 204°C)

Recommended CircuitRecommended Circuit

For more spec information, please download the FlexiPot datasheet below:

FlexiPot Datasheet