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Foot Pressure Measurement in a Clinical Setting

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Foot pressure distribution and timing information provide valuable insight on a variety of biomechanical and neurological disorders, as well as aiding in treatment and prevention of wounds caused by high foot pressure. Accurate measurement of foot pressure distribution throughout the gait cycle illuminates gait asymmetries and provides insight on lower limb dysfunction, helping clinicians find and treat the root cause of biomechanical problems that can lead to pain throughout the lower body.


See how foot pressure measurement can be used in real clinical settings for:


  • gait analysis and biomechanics
  • diabetic offloading
  • sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • pre- and post-treatment evaluation
  • orthotic prescription confirmation


About the Authors


The case studies in this book were provided by biomechanical and podiatry experts from around the world who use foot pressure and timing information to diagnose and treat a range of pathologies and biomechanical dysfunctions. Register now to learn more about how foot pressure measurement technology helps them enhance assessments, validate treatments and improve outcomes for their patients.


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