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Thin and Flexible Strain Gauge Alternative


Strain gauges and FlexiForce® sensors are resistance based technologies available in a variety of shapes and sizes. FlexiForce sensors provide a flexible, paper-thin solution at only 0.008" (0.2mm) thick.


Advantages of Using a FlexiForce Sensor vs. a Strain Gauge



  • Direct force measurement - measures load directly as opposed to correlating strain of an assembly with load.
  • Larger dynamic range (resistance range from MΩ to KΩ).
  • Simpler Electronics - simply measured with multimeter or integrated with inexpensive circuitry.
  • Lower cost - standard sensors start at $65 for a 4-pack.
  • Easier to integrate - simple mounting process.


Strain Gauge and Force Sensor Applications


  • Force sensitive buttons for consumer electronics
  • In-Shoe applications
  • Joint force measurement (Example: Measuring forces on the knee, shoulder, hip, etc.)
  • Massage/palpation force quantification
  • Low cost inventory management (Example: Measuring approximately how many parts are left in a bin? Is it full? Half full? Empty?)


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