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Load Sensors by Tekscan are Thin, Flexible, and Accurate


...and an ideal load sensor for product design and testing     


FlexiForce Load Sensor

The FlexiForce® load sensor is a paper-thin, flexible sensor by Tekscan. It makes force measurements easy for engineers, thanks to:


Load Sensor Cost & Turnaround Time

A pack of four off-the-shelf load sensors can be ordered online for just $65. Visit our online store to purchase. The standard FlexiForce load sensor typically ships within 1-2 business days of order.


Custom Load Sensors

We work with OEMs to develop custom sensing solutions.  Please contact us for a quote or more information regarding custom load sensors


Accurate and Repeatable Load Sensors

With linearity of ±3% and repeatability of ±2.5%, engineers and product designers can be confident in the reliability of FlexiForce load sensors. 

View force sensor specifications.








"We were thrilled to finally discover Tekscan and their FlexiForce [load] sensors.  The reliability of the FlexiForce sensors is superb, and the Tekscan engineers have been a joy to work with.  In helping to develop our [load] sensor, the Tekscan engineers were exceptionally professional, accomodating, and friendly."


-Carl Smith, President, Applied Fitness LLC

Load Sensor EBook


Download a Free E-Book by Machine Design magazine to learn more about thin and flexible load sensors and applications.