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Pressure and Force Measurement Applications

Tekscan’s pressure and force sensors and measurement systems are used in a wide variety of OEM, Research and Development, and Clinical applications. If you don't see your application listed below, contact us to discuss the opportunity.

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Application Description
System Using Force Sensor for Communication Assistive Communication Device Using FlexiForce Sensors This fully automated computer-controlled force sensitive system facilitates communication for the speech-impaired.
Assistive Devices: Home Bed Monitoring System Bed Monitoring System with FlexiForce Sensors The home bed monitoring system is equipped with force sensors that log a person’s routine daily activity patterns in the home.
Lizard Bite Force Bite Force Measurement of Reptiles Differentiating the bite force of different species of lizards using flexible and thin force sensors.
Color Balancer Device Color Balancer Quality Controlled with FlexiForce Custom force sensors help a color technology company quality assure their measurement devices.
Force-sensitive CPR Training Device CPR Force Feedback A portable and scalable interactive CPR manikin was developed with FlexiForce® sensors by Team iDoll, a group of students from the University of... More
Overlay of Helmet on Skull Cap FlexiForce Sensors Aid in Concussion Detection Research Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) is the industry standard software system that measures linear and angular head accelerations impacting football helmets.... More
Force sensitive device being used on a patient Force Feedback for Physical Therapy Training Using FlexiForce® sensors, researchers in Australia produced a physical therapy training device that guides students in the amount of force necessary... More
Force-Sensing Fitness Glove Force Sensing Device for Fitness Training Applied Fitness incorporated Tekscan’s FlexiForce® sensors into their DX•ƒ Gloves, which anyone can use to stay in shape from the comfort of home or... More
iShoe Force Sensitive Insole iShoe insoles contain FlexiForce® sensors to measure and analyze force distribution on a patient’s foot to prevent falls and assess balance problems.
Force Sensitive Trailer Brake Controller Force Sensitive Trailer Brake Controller FlexiForce® sensors incorporated into force sensitive finger control for manual trailer brake activation.
Video game brake pedal controller Force Sensitive Video Game Brake Pedals FlexiForce® sensors are part of a modification assembly integrated into a standard video game pedal to make braking experience more life-like for the... More
Hand Rehabilitation Device Force Sensor-Enabled Rehabilitation Device for Rheumatic Patients  FlexiForce® A201 sensors are designed into a hand rehabilitation device for rheumatic patients. This device aims to help increase patients'... More
Golf grip sensing device Golf Grip Measurement Device Uses FlexiForce Shotwatch by Grip and Rip Technology is a force-sensing device that helps golfers develop swing consistency through instant force feedback and muscle... More
Accurate Grip Force Measurement Grip Force Measurement with FlexiForce For grip force measurement, the thinness and flexibility of the FlexiForce® sensor's construction allows for easy maneuvering and an exclusive fit,... More
Haptic Thimble Haptic Devices: Sensorized Thimble uses FlexiForce Researchers developed a small, light-weight, force sensor equipped haptic device which can easily be maneuvered by the user and encourages “natural... More
Force Sensors Improve Robot Balance and Grip Improve Robot Balance and Grip with FlexiForce Force sensors improve a robot's balance and grip, which means fewer falls, better handling of objects, and a more impressive display.
Infusion Pump Infusion Pump Occlusion Detection Incorporating a small custom sensor into a drug-delivery pump detects potentially life-threatening blockages in the system.
intubation force measurement Intubation Force Measurement Researchers at Delft University in the Netherlands used force measurements from FlexiForce® sensors to quantify the benefits of video-assisted... More
Sensor Wireless Condition Monitoring Manufacturing and Condition Monitoring with FlexiForce® Sensor Wireless Inc. has developed a specialized wireless force sensing product to minimize damage and loss of product during manufacturing.
Measuring Forces in MRI Muscle Activity during MRI with FlexiForce A force sensing device enables researchers to digitally measure force from a human subject's fingers as they press on the device during an MRI scan.
Neo Haptic Interface New Haptic Man-Machine Interface Integrates FlexiForce Sensors to Improve Robotic Surgery FlexiForce® sensors integrated into medical devices used during robotic surgery provide surgeons with enhanced tactile feedback, in turn enabling... More
Force Sensitive Palpation Device Palpation Assessment with FlexiForce The PAD system is comprised of tactually accurate breast models, instrumented with FlexiForce® sensors. The sensors locate and relay over 1000 levels... More
robotic grip with sensor Tactile Feedback Robotic Surgery Researchers at UCLA are exploring development of a pneumatic balloon-based tactile feedback system to improve robotic surgery.
Force Sensor for Speech Pathology Tracking Speech Pathology with FlexiForce Speech pathologists track the progression of speech therapy by incorporating FlexiForce sensors into their pressure measurement device.
Wireless Real time Inventory Management System Wireless Inventory Management with Force Sensors Real-time wireless inventory reporting prototype system provides accurate, current inventory data via a force sensing panel and wireless electronics.