Technology for Data-Driven Decisions

Technology for Data-Driven Decisions

Enhance outcomes for lower-extremity physical therapy & rehab patients.

Whether your patients are are recovering from surgery, elderly people at risk of falling, athletes dealing with injuries, or weekend fitness warriors, you can use the SportsAT System to objectively and consistently evaluate treatments. Learn more in this eBook.

Regardless of the patient types you treat, quantitative data is essential in the world of physical therapy and rehabilitation to be sure a patient is ready to return to daily activities.  Give your patients confidence in your treatment plans through visual feedback and the ability to track their progress.  Learn more about Tekscan's versatile technology that equips you with dependable data.

Technology for Data Driven Decisions

Tekscan's SportsAT™ Software provides you with essential tools to accurately evaluate, rehab and assess lower-extremity instability, imbalances and deficiencies.

Download this eBook to learn more about technology for data-driven decision for the following applications:

  • Return-to-life decisions
  • Fall risk assessments
  • Chronic ankle instability management
  • Concussion evaluations
  • Balance rehabilitation
  • Pressure & weight distribution evaluations

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