T-Scan Evolution dental sensor

T-Scan Evolution Dental Sensors

The T-Scan Evolution Sensor is the sensor technology that works with the legacy Evolution system, designed to provide the high resolution and repeatable accuracy clinicians have learned to rely on for exceptional results.

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T-Scan™ Evolution™ Dental Sensors

Our wafer-thin patented sensors are inserted into the patient's mouth when taking bite force readings. High resolution Sensels™ accross the sensor's surface precisely analyze dental bite forces when using the T-Scan™ Evolution™ system. One box contains 10 T-Scan sensors.

T-Scan Sensor and Articulating Paper


  • Wafer-thin
  • High resolution Sensels for precise data
  • Reusable on single patient
    • Cold sterilize between visits
  • Able to withstand 15-25 closures
  • Research-proven, repeatable results
  • Large and small sizes are available
  • Easy to insert into Evolution Handle and Support



T-Scan™ Evolution™ dental sensors are only compatible with the T-Scan Evolution system. The system has been discontinued, however sensors and supports are available for purchase online for the legacy system.