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Get objective insights into joint analysis for research or to enhance artificial joint development.Get objective insights into joint analysis for research or to enhance artificial joint development.Biomechanics research exists to optimize movement, function, and predict the consequences of interventions like surgery and assistive devices. Whether you are looking for biomechanical insights to develop footwear, artificial joints, or gain a deeper understanding of human/animal movement patterns, information from Tekscan pressure mapping technology can help.

By analyzing movements, forces and plantar pressure exerted by lower extremities, you are presented with objective data that visual assessments cannot provide. Tekscan empowers researchers/clinicians to easily detect asymmetries, develop injury prevention protocols, and optimize sports performance with a host of solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Insights into Lower Limb Biomechanics

Bilateral asymmetries are common in gait, balance and all types of movement. The key is quantifying the levels of asymmetries, which provide insights into pathologies and injury risks. Tekscan systems allow you to quantify this in an objective, accurate way. With actionable force and pressure data from Tekscan’s biomechanical assessment systems it is possible to evaluate the following applications:

Solutions You Can Trust Backed by Research


Tekscan technology has been validated by leading researchers worldwide with thousands of publications ranging from studies evaluating the effect of gait training in elderly patients1 to the effects of energy drinks on postural stability2, you will find our technology in a variety of spaces.

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1.Kim, S. G., & Park, J. H. (2015). The effects of dual-task gait training on foot pressure in elderly women. Journal of physical therapy science, 27(1), 143-4.

2. Rosario, Martin, et al. 2017. Increased static postural sway after energy drink consumption: A randomized trial. F1000Research. 6:2036

Research Quality Data for Versatile Applications

Biomechanics words in a word cloud

Biomechanics labs are not the only place you will find Tekscan technology.

The applications are endless for Tekscan technology but it all boils down to the essential information derived from the technology.

Flexibility to View Data the Way You Want

Export data for advanced calculation

Research focused software allows export to ASCII and other additional features.Research focused software allows export to ASCII and other additional features.

Synchronize with other technologies

EMG and plantar pressure shown here.EMG and plantar pressure shown here.

Reports for easy documentation

Reports allow for easy documentation of progress.Reports allow for easy documentation of progress.

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