T-Scan Evolution Touch Free Supports

T-Scan Evolution Touch-Free Sensor Supports - Universal Size

The Touch-Free Sensor Support inserts into the Evolution Handle to support the T-Scan Sensor with minimized contact in the masticatory system. The Sensor Supports can be autoclaved for easy disinfection.

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T-Scan™ Evolution™ Touch-Free Sensor Supports

T-Scan Handle with Touch Free Supports

T-Scan™ Evolution™ Touch-Free Sensor Supports have reduced tine length, resulting in less contact with the inside of a patient’s cheek during occlusal analysis.

Neuromuscular dentists using TENS to electronically stimulate the muscles during bite force readings and those treating patients with unique dentitions will find the Touch-Free Support helpful when taking scans.

Universal size fits both large and small T-Scan sensors.

One box contains 2 T-Scan Evolution Touch-Free Sensor Supports.