FlexiForce HT201 High Temperature Sensor
Monday, February 1, 2010

News: High-Temp FlexiForce Available

High Temperature Force Sensors Now Available!

Tekscan, Inc., leading manufacturer of force and pressure measurement sensors, is pleased to announce the release of the new High-Temp FlexiForce™ Sensor (Model # HT201), measuring forces in environments as hot as 200° Celsius (400° Fahrenheit).

The ultra-thin, highly-linear (typically ±1.2%) High-Temp FlexiForce sensors are ideal for non-intrusive force measurement in a variety of processing applications, including injection molding, heat sealing, and heat sink applications. Industries that will benefit from these high-temperature force measurements include automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, printing, food and beverage processing, and many more.

Specifically, the sensors are used to:

  • Detect and measure a relative change in force or applied load
  • Detect and measure the rate of change in force
  • Identify force thresholds and trigger appropriate action
  • Detect contact and/or touch

The HT201 sensor is available in two force ranges:

  • Low - HT201-L (0-30 lb)
  • High - HT201-H (0-100 lb)

View more specifications of the HT201 sensor