Make foot function and gait analysis easier with foot scanning!

Foot ScanConducting a foot scan will allow you to view underlying problems with foot function and gait that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye. Tekscan's foot scanning systems utilize pressure mapping technology to capture plantar pressure data from heel contact to toe off. By providing objective, quantifiable data, you can easily see how the subject is walking and how their feet are functioning.

In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Analysis

  • Identify areas of potential ulceration and reduce problem areas
  • Manage the diabetic foot
  • Immediately determine orthotic efficiency
  • Pinpoint issues in the gait cycle

Pressure Measurement Mats

  • Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet
  • Monitor improvements in balance, strength & weight bearing
  • Identify asymmetries during stance phase

See how foot pressure measurement can be used in real clinical settings for:

  • Gait analysis and biomechanics
  • Diabetic offloading
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-treatment evaluation
  • Orthotic prescription confirmation

About the Authors

The case studies in this book were provided by biomechanical and podiatry experts from around the world who use foot pressure and timing information to diagnose and treat a range of pathologies and biomechanical dysfunctions. Learn more about how foot pressure measurement technology helps them enhance assessments, validate treatments and improve outcomes for their patients.