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Pressure and Force Measurement Applications

Tekscan’s pressure and force sensors and measurement systems are used in a wide variety of OEM, Research and Development, and Clinical applications. If you don't see your application listed below, contact us to discuss the opportunity.

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Application Description
a patient with severe abfraction caused by occlusal problems Abfraction Management with T-Scan Learn how to use the T-Scan® system to remove occlusal interferences that may lead to an abfraction issue.
posterior teeth disengaging during a mandibular excursion Achieve Immediate Anterior Guidance with T-Scan Visual inspection of anterior guidance function during excursions cannot measure or see the time intricacies of the posterior disclusion. T-Scan... More
General Occlusal Exam Assess General Occlusion with T-Scan Without the T-Scan® would you know this faint "ink smudge" is the CR prematurity, with higher force than the larger mark to the right?
System Using Force Sensor for Communication Assistive Communication Device Using FlexiForce Sensors This fully automated computer-controlled force sensitive system facilitates communication for the speech-impaired.
Pressure Sensor on car door seal Automotive Door Mounting Pressure Analyze the contact pressure between a door and the rubber seal on a vehicle.
Automotive Seat Pressure Mapping Automotive Seat Testing & Design with BPMS Conduct seat comfort and ingress-egress testing on automotive seats with the BPMS™ pressure mapping system.
Assistive Devices: Home Bed Monitoring System Bed Monitoring System with FlexiForce Sensors The home bed monitoring system is equipped with force sensors that log a person’s routine daily activity patterns in the home.
Lizard Bite Force Bite Force Measurement of Reptiles Differentiating the bite force of different species of lizards using flexible and thin force sensors.
Brake pressure sensor on Brake drum Brake Pad Pressure Distribution Measure, view, and evaluate dynamic forces acting between a brake pad and rotor or brake shoe and drum.
T-Scan as a practice builder Build Your Practice with T-Scan® The T-Scan® system can not only save the patient valuable time and money, it also helps to improve results by minimizing destructive occlusal forces.
Back Pain Relief with F-Scan Case Study: Back Pain Relief with F-Scan To treat back pain, the F-Scan® can be used to effectively evaluate and modify orthotics.
Diabetic Pressure Ulcer Case Study: Diabetic Ulcer Treated with F-Scan A diabetic patient with a long term non-healing ulcer under the left midfoot (Charcot Joint) is successfully treated with the F-Scan® system and the... More
Case Study: Identifying Functional Hallux Limitus Identifying and influencing function of the 1st metatarsal-phalangeal joint (mpj) is one of the primary components in attempting to bring symmetry to... More
Pressure Profile Case Study: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment with F-Scan® Plantar fasciitis is one of the most commonly seen problems in a podiatrist's office. Being able to use F-Scan to identify asymmetries in function... More
Evaluating a Canine Hip Replacement Case Study: Post Surgical Analysis of Canine Hip Replacement This case report describes sequential assessment of hind limb use in a case of bilateral total hip replacement in a dog, and demonstrates how Tekscan... More
pressure profile Case Study: Using Pressure Mapping to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis is one of the most commonly seen problems in a podiatrist's office. Being able to use F-Scan to identify asymmetries in function... More
Catalytic Converter Canning Sensor Catalytic Converter Canning Measure, view, and evaluate dynamic forces acting between a catalytic converter and contact surface.
Flat-jack test Civil/Geotechnical Engineering with I-Scan Study the force and pressure exerted between earth materials and construction designs/methods to better understand each others influences.
Coil spring on pressure sensor Coil Spring Design and Testing Evaluate Coil Spring Pressure Distribution with the I-Scan System
Color Balancer Device Color Balancer Quality Controlled with FlexiForce Custom force sensors help a color technology company quality assure their measurement devices.
Pressured distribution of Doghouse Seals Comparing Seal Designs with I-Scan Measure pressure distribution and verify design specifications with I-Scan® Pressure Measurement System.
Force-sensitive CPR Training Device CPR Force Feedback A portable and scalable interactive CPR manikin was developed with FlexiForce® sensors by Team iDoll, a group of students from the University of... More
Impact Force on Crash Dummy Crash Test Dummy Impact Pressure Measure crash test dummy impact force with High-Speed I-Scan®. Identify the temporal, local, peak, and spatial pressures of two objects colliding.
Pressure Sensor on Automotive door seal Door Seal Design & Test with I-Scan Measure and analyze door and window seal pressure distribution.
Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit logo Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts Dr. Scholl's® Custom Fit™ Orthotics Center is designed to identify areas of your foot that experience the most pressure, then recommend an orthotic... More
Dynamic Trunk Slam Pressure Dynamic Trunk Slam Pressure Characterize sealing performance of automotive trunk lids.
Equine Gait Analysis at New Bolton Center Equine Gait Analysis at New Bolton Center Equine hoof health and gait are analyzed by Patrick Reilly, Chief of Farrier Services at the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania, using Tekscan's Hoof... More
Tactile Grip Pressure Measurement Ergonomic Grip Assessment Identify and examine forces and pressure felt by each finger, the thumb, and the palm, to improve product design and/or facilitate employee... More
Pressure Sensor measuring headphone pressure distribution Ergonomic Headphones Assessment with I-Scan Optimize product design and comfort of headphones by measuring pressure distribution.
Overlay of Helmet on Skull Cap FlexiForce Sensors Aid in Concussion Detection Research Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) is the industry standard software system that measures linear and angular head accelerations impacting football helmets.... More